Great Planes Real Flight Rc Simulator - Discount Air Flights.

Great Planes Real Flight Rc Simulator

great planes real flight rc simulator

    great planes
  • Great Planes Model Manufacturing of Champaign, Illinois, USA, is among the world's largest radio-controlled model manufacturers and distributors as part of Hobbico, Incorporated.

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great planes real flight rc simulator - Great Planes

Great Planes RealFlight G3 Expansion Pack 1

Great Planes RealFlight G3 Expansion Pack 1

RealFlight G3 and the G3 Expansion Pack1 The best of both worlds! Combine RealFlight G3 with the G3 Expansion Pack 1, and Great Planes best selling R/C flight simulaotr gets even better. G3 Expansion Pack 1 software was written exclusively for the G3 by the creators of G3 - the people most qualified to exploit and enhance its unique performance potential. Please note The G3 Expansion Pack 1 is compatible only with RealFlight G3 software! Fly on both 3D and PhotoField flying sites - Enjoy the "living" scenery and vast vistas of the 3D Obstacle Course 2, or the unprecedented resolution and sharp detail of the three new PhotoField sites. Widest selection of virtual flight experiences - Fly today s hotttest electrics and helis, all rendered with the power and amazing accuracy of exclusive RealPhysics technology. Four ElectriFly FlatOuts, including the Reflection and Turmoil Miniature Aircraft s amazing ION-X Two Bergen Intrepid helicopters Heli-Max MX400 Heli Plus... Bell s X-29 - The first forward swept wing jet to break the sound barrier. BooRay RAcer - Prince of present-day pylon racing. Pientenpol Air Camper - Homebuilt by hundreds of pilots during the Depression Era. A Flying Lawnmower ...and more. 18 aircraft in all!

88% (8)

Great Planes Minnow*top speed 139mph

Great Planes Minnow*top speed 139mph

Saito 115 with apc 14x8 prop. Using garmin gps recorded top speed of 139 mph. 63" wing span

Extra 300S kit

Extra 300S kit

Built from Great planes 60 size kit. Patty Wagstaff Cirrus colour scheme.

great planes real flight rc simulator

great planes real flight rc simulator

6CH Flight Simulator Training Kit Planes and Helis w/USB Cable

Most RC helicopter enthusiasts will tell you that the hardest part of flying helicopters is developing the conditioned response helicopter flight requires, such as the ability to make the appropriate transmitter inputs quickly and correctly without hesitation as your Helicopter heads straight into trouble. A simulator will not only improve your performance in real life, but will allow you a risk free environment where you can become familiar with the unique characteristics of RC flight. Although it may seem like an expensive purchase, a good simulator will pay for itself, by saving you money by not having to replace broken parts.

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